Marine Licence Training Courses

First Aid Management & Training Centre is an Accredited Training Provider approved by Transport Safety Victoria to conduct Marine Licence Training Courses.

Boat Licence Courses

First Aid Management & Training Centre offer the following Marine Licence Courses:

  • Boat Licence
  • Boat Licence & PWC endorsement
  • PWC only

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More About Us

First Aid Management now provides boat licensing courses in addition to our first aid training! We are accredited Marine Licence Training provider with Transport Safety Victoria. That means we conduct courses at our venues and once competent you will be able to obtain your boat licence from your nearest Vicroads.

If you are over twelve years old, you can receive a restricted licence, and if you are over sixteen, you are eligible for a General Marine Licence. This licence will allow you to operate a watercraft anywhere in Australian waters. To prepare for the course, we can send you course material, or it can be obtained from Vicroads or Transport Safety Victoria.